Nex Superne

by Alace

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released May 12, 2012

Produced by Alace
Mixed and engineered by Tim Meloco
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago IL
Recorded at Versus Studio, Moscow RUS
Design by Voe Waan

Voe Waan “Det” (vocals, guitar)
Tim Meloco (guitars, effects)
Ash L (bass)
Karkas (drums)

Keyboards on “Savior” by Vova Sedykh (ОН ЮН)



all rights reserved


Alace Казань, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Water
Find out if we keep going once our breath is over
Try to live slower and find a perfect way to fall down
'Cause I know we’re going to drown in this sob
So please find sense before I go away
Try to cancel
I can’t handle life
Just like you
I scream

And it goes on
And it comes to an end

'Cause if I scream you never skip this dream
To think is safe until you don’t know why
So please can we grow into something more
Cause sometimes it seems it all gonna die for real

You wrote me a song about the way you found the world you knew was fake
So you just made this something you wanna live for
But it made me feel sick as I stared at your grave

Try to cancel
I can’t handle life
Just like you
I scream
This curse never ends and I go unheard

This is all my fault
This is all my fault
These thoughts
These words
So take it all
Take it all away
And I could laugh again
But I can’t stay slave I’m becoming in here

Hey you
I don’t know why I still haven’t found you
Lost in the search of myself
And why am I still here
With no recalls and last words till meaningless will overlap me

But she’s got everything to help me
Track Name: El Mar Azul
I never knew what you wanted
Before 'd disturbed cute little silence you wore
Complete denial filled with fury
With our lips sealed firm
We never should go back
‘Cause the liars we are
Can destroy only one thing
Can destroy only one…

Blame me
Keep waiting for it’s over
Play me
This secret haunts and overpowers you
The narrow truth

I never knew what you wanted
Before came forward with remorse and gave in
Gotta keep you out from everything that you’ve found
From everything that you are

Watch me strip off this face
I only want purity
Back up our faces on device and we’ll keep breathing in codes and files
And stay in here
Say you can fill this silence but I can’t figure it out
And again
Track Name: Rauwolfia Serpentina
World, I'll take my shot
Track Name: (Rib)caged
Long time ago I thought I was in control but I wasn’t at all
I saw a crowd around and the clouds in the night of the street
The heinous stare
The tradegy awaits

There were no stars at the blanket of the sky
The crowd divided into parts
I didn’t choose
I was driven into the one where they tell you not to afraid and you feel safe
Like sealed in a vial alive
And then you came to ruin it all

I know the person who did it
You’re never brave enough to take the blame

I don’t play your games
Your fake tears and your fix

Stupid songs
A bottle is half-empty
So it all came to this
The wounds start to heal and then surprise
I try to stay away
But you’re so close
This is the first step
And the last drop

The light hits horizon
The lightning aligns the stars, the sparks, the lives
The last dreams collide
Track Name: Gil Perez Complication
I think if i stop for a moment i could figure out beauty
And if i hold my breath i could figure out death
Where's the line between obedience and understanding
Confusion, resort, mistrust and pretending

Are you just satisfied with either way
Maybe there's no other way
Maybe you're just an accident
Thrown in the air to fall
And maybe you know it all
Track Name: Savior
So cold

Instinct blurs over you
Swallowing up all
It can't just go
And don't you know that
Inside of fear
When you release this string
I'm coming back

Now get away
You're free
Get away you freak

You’re stuck
You’re scared you've felt this way
You're sought
You're saved
So now just get away

The killer inside you
Slept for so many years
But it can't just go
And don't you know that
Inside of scream
When you release this dream
I'm coming back

Million miles away
You'll find something inside
Every time you move
It sticks into your heart

This feeling gets you down

There’s no escape from change
It’s always who you are from the first breath
Not what they failed to create
Track Name: 4-Fisted Fight
Conceal and trust
See through and grasp

Lines vault into spiral
In this game of solace
Spread all over
Now we hide beneath the waves we float
And fade away

Go down in flames
Descend and decay
Track Name: No Body And No Tongue (For A Few Seconds There)
I haven't closed my eyes for ages
But when i fell asleep
I couldn't wake up
'Cause you were in my dream
I was counting blood...
I was counting my blood flowed into yours
'Cause you had no body and no tongue for few seconds there
Track Name: Guess What
This void has become a decoy

What’s there for me
What’s there for us
You know I can’t let go off past

So I hold my breathe
I play vertigo till the stress builts up
And let go

I blow out
And choose the part that stays intact

I’ve become quiter and weaker

The greatest thing ever thought ever said ever done
The greatest thing ever thought ever said ever failed
Track Name: Fall
Square up

Silence I lay broken on the sidewalk
Feel my role every inch that i crawl
I will call if i grow old

Take the power don't you run away

You know the door is open
Fall and you'll get out from my mouth
From my words into the real world

Darkness take your place in this black box
Feel my hope get collapse on the floor
We're all of the same score

Stain and trouble taste the same way
The eight was the end to the seven
I hope that you get it but anyway thank you for staying around

Square up
You’re scared of yourself
Just break it up

Stay in my head or stay in my head

Track Name: Acute Neurosis
Feel it getting closer
Fear’s stuck in the lungs

Paint your walls black
And you can never fade away from here
Play you’re god
And you can never fade away from here

Can you just follow this voice
'cause the more I think
The more I sink into
Burried dreams and apathy covers me
It’s over now
Gotta go

Feel it getting closer
Freeze it all to the ground

Can you just follow this voice
'cause the more I think
The more I sink into
Burried dreams and
Apathy surrounds me
Conquers me covers me
It’s over now
Gotta go

Paint your walls black
Play you’re god
Conquer your world
In your solitude
Track Name: Happiness
Dragging us down
Dragging us all the way down
Circle around lack of feeling there's a prayer to help us out
Mute from omniuos sound
Mute from trying to run
The truth kills happiness
And drowns it in the emptiness
You and me are the same tragedy
Only you left
Only you left us alone